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Edward Armah

Edward Armah is a Men’s Fashion Designer whose life experience and skill has taken him from his native country of Ghana, where his passion for design and fashion was sparked, to the custom shops of London, where he began to focus on his vision as a designer. His journey led him to New York where his innovative designs led him to be known as the “Bow Tie King”. From handmade bow ties, ascots, vests, and pocket circles, Edward Armah is a brand which is home to the finest men’s dress accessories.

Photos courtesy Edward Armah

Italo Ferretti

From the heart of Italy comes crafted ties which are themselves a wonder of the world. With four decades of experience Italo Ferretti has paved a new path when it comes to men’s ties. Utilizing their eight patents created to bring into being a tie unique unto itself, they have found a way to merge creative ideas with high quality fabrics.

Photos courtesy of Italo Ferretti

Luigi Borrelli

Tailored garments, outerwear, jeans, knitwear and accessories complete the offerings of the Luigi Borrelli brand, and from this moment became a total look collection. Products are designed with the same quality that have always satisfied the Luigi Borrelli clients. All products are handcrafted in Italy, making the Borrelli production the greatest expression of Neapolitan tailoring and excellence. Designed for very sophisticated clients and dedicated to the most well-known personalities.

Photos courtesy Luigi Borrelli


The feel of your first Stenstroms shirt is as unforgettable as the feeling of falling in love. Made from fabrics from the foremost European manufacturers, from fine Egyptian cotton, to high quality linen, cotton and cashmere. Each Stenstroms shirt consists of 23 components, cut and assembled with exacting precision.

Photos courtesy of Stenstroms

Sartoria Latorre

The production process at SARTORIA LATORRE are several, deriving from the ancient tailor’s shop tradition. Thimble, needle, thread are the kernel of their work, a unique key for a fastidious and excellent work. These simple and fundamental tools evolved during the years, through a mix between tradition and innovation. Modern technologies used by skillful people guarantee a tailoring targeted to perfection. You can recognize a SARTORIA LATORRE garment by the perfect fit, the faultless details, and the made-to-measure elegance: these are the ingredients for a unique and updated style.

Photos courtesy Sartoria Latorre


What you wear is an expression of your personality. How you feel when wearing it is a reflection of our craftsmanship and quality. Coppley uses the finest fabrics combined with the latest technology to create garments that you will wear with confidence. Knowing that one size doesn’t fit all, they offer a range of services and selection of materials to personally fit you best. Whether it be casual or formal, standard size, in need of some customization or if you are looking for a fully made to measure suit be ready for any occasion and know that Coppley has you covered. It was made for you. Feel the fit. Love the look. Trust the brand.

Photos courtesy of Coppley